Vintage Santa 4 in. x 6 in. Christmas Postcard – 5 Pack


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Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! I hope you can hear Santa laughing when you look at this card!

I know people have really enjoyed my Christmas cards over the years, and I really enjoy making them. I just have too many friends to keep doing it all by hand! 🤣 I knew I wasn’t going to have the mojo to make a big ol’ batch of Christmas cards this year so I decided to give printing a go this year. I ended up with about twice as many as I actually need, and I thought I’d share the surplus with you!

This whole project worked out and I am extremely pleased with the end result!

I’ve been on a vintage kick all year and I wanted to do a vintage style card. I have also been enjoying Pocket Sketching and watercolors, so I put those two things together. I also thought I’d put some of that Graphic Design degree to use and I broke out the Photoshop and started designing. It had been awhile since I did any design work like this, and I had so much fun! You can scroll through the gallery to see my original sketches. Using watercolors over a water-soluble pen is a very magical process! So I hope the magic of the season delights you as well! 😉

This listing is for a pack of 5 postcards. The card itself is a nice 4 in. x 6 in. matte finish card stock. The back is blank, so you could write your greeting fully on the back and easily put it in an envelope (not included). It takes ballpoint ink really well (ask me how I know…) 😁

Shipping is free to the US…I’ll be sending these USPS First Class, so you’ll want to order these soon so you have time to send them to your friends and family this year.