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I had a lot fun recycling junk mail into handmade paper and into tiny journals. I was doing my yearly shredding of old mail and decided I wanted to do something with it besides dispose of it. So I figured out how to make paper and I used additional junk mail to make flexible covers. It was a seriously fun project!

All of them are made of recycled paper (pages and covers) and are handstitched with handspun yarn and finished with beads.

The covers are approximately 3 in. H x 2.75 in. W and the pages are approximately 2.75 in. H x 2 in. H pages.

Due to the nature of handmade paper, the thickness of the pages will vary. The pages are lightly textured with deckled edges, and perfect for drawing/writing.

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White/Green Beads, White/Orange Beads, Light Yellow/Yellow Beads, Yellow/Yellow Beads, Yellow/Green Beads