Handmade Inchie Journal Challenge Kit 7 Blue Cover


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Discover the charm of my inchie handmade journal kits! Crafted from watercolor paper and hand bound by me, this tiny treasure is perfect for your creative adventures! Each journal comes with a tiny assortment of supplies to get your creative juices flowing, including:

  • Washi Tape Bits
  • Book Paper Bits
  • Background Paper Bits
  • Peerless Watercolor Bits
  • Tea Bag Paper Bits
  • Rock Paper Bits
  • Fodder Cutout Bits
  • Envelope Paper Bits

Never worked in an art journal before? Don’t worry! Sign up for my upcoming Inchie Journal Challenge! I?ll be giving you daily hint to help you with your creations! Don?t miss out on this opportunity to explore your artistic side. Sign up below:

Additional information

Journal Size

Approximately 1 in. W x 1 in. H

Paper Color

Painted Multicolored Watercolor Paper (Blue, Purple, Pink)

Cover Color