Farview Acres – Beeswax Patties 1 oz.


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I’ve got a special batch of products from my friends at Fairview Acres Farms that I’m so excited to share with you!

I don’t know how they do it, but not only do Tom and Jenn raise Clydesdales, they also raise bees and they have raw beeswax from their own hives! As a city slicker myself, I find this so fascinating. There are a ton of uses for beeswax and it smells amazing.

This listing is for a ~1 oz. patty/block where 100% of your purchase goes back to my farming friends to help fund their small urban farm.

More about Tom and Jenn of Farview Acres Farms:

My husband Tom and I run a beautiful 14 acre farm in Norton Shores, Michigan where we breed Clydesdales, as well as a wide variety of poultry. We garden every year and also produce an overabundance of horse, cow and chicken manure that we sell by the bag to fellow gardeners.

When we’re not busy working, we enjoy sitting in the sun with our many rescue cats while drinking a cold one. Our farm produces chicken, duck and quail eggs and we occasionally also raise meat chickens and Thanksgiving turkeys. We offer peacock feathers as well as specialty feathers for our fly-tying friends. Throughout the years we have opened our facility to school classes and in 2014 and 2017, we also hosted Equine Safety Seminars for local firefighters and police officers. We love sharing our passion of raising livestock and farming with others whenever we can.

Most of our farm income goes directly back to the community in the form of grain, hay and equipment purchases. We believe in keeping things local, teaching people how to grow their own food sustainably and make a difference in our community.

To learn more about Tom and Jenn’s farm, visit their Facebook page or watch this local news feature