Inchie Journal Challenge Supply List

For this challenge, it’s most important you bring yourself and the desire to play with art supplies! You can use whatever you want and work as large as you want, but if you’re new to art journaling and you don’t want to invest much time and money, I invite you to work small (and pick up one of my challenge kits).

If you’re using one of my kits, you’ll want these additional supplies:

  • Paint Brush and/or cotton swabs
  • Glue/Glue Stick (hit up a dollar store for this!)
  • Scissors
  • Ink pens, pencils, any mark making tools
  • Anything else that tickles your fancy!

If you want to use what you have around the house, here are my suggestions…

Base Paper

I use junk mail all the time! Grab some envelopes from your junk mail and cut it to your desired size. The paper is sturdy and will stand up to water media like watercolors. I recommend using the non-patterned side of the envelope.

Save any junk mail with words…you can use that later!

If you’re already a collage artist and you have extra ephemera laying around, please use that! Here is a sampling of what is included in the packet that comes with my challenge kits in case you’re curious what “ephemera” and “collage bits/fodder” means:

Day 1: Watercolors

If you can mix it with water, you can use it here!

  • Watercolors
  • Inks
  • Acrylics
  • Water soluble pencils, pens, markers (highlighters will work better than Sharpies!)
  • Food coloring

Day 2: Collage

  • Glue…I use Elmer’s all the time
  • Collage papers…could be magazines, junk mail, patterned napkins
  • Anything flat’ish that can be glued down

Day 3: Washi Tape

If you don’t have washi tape, cut some of your collage paper into strips and use that instead. For me, this is an excuse to use some of the washi tape I’ve hoarded!

Day 4: (Pro)Found Words

I hope you kept your junk mail with words on it! Anything with words on it will work. You can use your own handwriting too.

Day 5: Bringing it all together

This will be taking what you’ve worked on the last 4 days and combining it into something amazing!