Art Curious Series

🌸 Scribbly Flowers 🌸

Today I’m going to show you how to have fun making something out of a mess of nothingness!

You will need a piece of paper (I used a 3×5 index card), some paint, a marker, and a pair of scissors (if you want to make a cut out). Feel free to use whatever you have on hand/in front of you. I’ve made some great art by being too lazy to get up to get a new supply. 😂

Step 1: Get a standard 3×5 index card and put paint on it. Yep, one of those you used in school.

Step 1: Put some paint or ink on it. Dribble it all over the card. Don’t try to make it into anything. Just get color on it. You might find it easier to wet the card first with a wet brush or wet it a spray bottle.

If you don’t have paint, use crayons, colored pencils, markers, food coloring, tea, whatever. The square in the middle was made from tissue paper that got wet and bled on to the paper.

Let the card fully dry before you go on. If you don’t, you might wreck your marker.

Step 2: Get a black pen/marker and draw a wonky flower. Go over it more than once.

I used a black glaze pen because they’re really juicy, but you could use any marker of any thickness. Don’t worry about making a “perfect” flower. Draw a cricle and draw some petal-y looking things on it. Five petal-y things seems to work the best.

Step 2: Draw one longish straight line in each petal-y thing.

It doesn’t have to be straight. (Put the ruler away). Just draw a line in the middle-ish of each petal.

Step 3: Draw a V in each petal-y thing.

You can draw the V before or after the straight line. It’s your choice. Order doesn’t matter. I’ve only separated these so you can see things more clearly.

Step 4: Draw some circle-like things in the center.

Makes it kind of look like a flower.

When you put it all together, it looks something like this.

I bet you thought you couldn’t do this. It’s a lot easier than it appears!

When you cut them out, you have a lot of little flowers for your art journal projects.

Now they really look like flowers, don’t they? I’ve taken a liking to only gluing down the centers and letting the petals stick up however they want.

This concept is not unique to me. I’m pretty sure I “borrowed” it out of one of the many art classes I’ve watched recently. So my apologies for not crediting the originator(s) of this process.

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Keep smilin’! 😁


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