Welcome to Sleeping Pond Studio!

I’m so happy you’re here! Welcome to my virtual studio! I am a Michigan-based artist and my specialty is making small art to make your space smile (couldn’t we all use a little something to make us happy?)

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I’ve been framed!

No, not really…but I did make a ton of tiny frames for my tiny little paintings! These little gold frames are sure to make your Tiny look like it came from some famous museum! I even have some mats and frames for the small art so those can look fancy as well!

More Tinys are here!

I was geeked when I found Tinys of some of my old prints! Don’t they look awesome in the fancy guilded frames?! If you missed out on the big prints or can’t resist these little guys, now’s your chance to get them before I retire them forever!

Looking for the orginal Tinys?

Ha! No pun intended! The original Tinys (as opposed to the Tiny prints) are still available! They started with the #100dayproject where I painted a 1 inch by 1 inch painting every day. I had a ridiculous amount of fun doing it and I hope you enjoy them too!